Walter Halicki

JW Maxx Solutions Founder Walter Halicki Shares the Importance of Online Research and Your Online Reputation

JW Maxx Solutions and Walter Halicki, Founder share how important online research is to your online reputation.  Walter Halicki, CEO, mentions that doing some research on the Internet is critical to the online buying process.  People and buyers are out there surfing the web for the best prices, deals etc…the internet is a vast resource to all and with this comes positive and negative reviews and results.   When the consumer is surfing the internet for information or shopping around, doing price comparisons and checking out all the reviews  what is being said about you or your business makes a world of difference to the consumer.  We also know that not everything on the internet is true and correct.  But if a site has extremely unfavorable with negative reviews connect to it, it can and will tarnish a business.  So what can you do about it?

JW Maxx Solutions offers a variety of solutions and services such as: Crisis/Rescue Management, SEO, Consulting, Social Media, Marketing and Promotion, Video Marketing Online, Video Promotion, Brand Reputation, Reputation Defense and Celebrity Management.   So when you are thinking of you or your business, what % of loss of revenue are you looking at when you have unfavorable and negative reviews attached to your site.   It adds up and quickly, as the consumer moves on to more positive sites with favorable reviews when researching on the web.  The consumer choices reflect companies with positive reviews not negative ones they are doing their homework.

Walter Halick’s team is successful at quickly assessing and aggressively responding to the concerns of the client and quickly moving to maintain and improve their client’s online presence.  Because today there are many areas which can adversely influence how web searchers view you or your business so this area is so critically important with no time to spare.

Wally Halicki also specializes in providing positive media outcome for growth oriented companies worldwide.  He and his team of experts have been specializing in Reputation Management and Maintenance with a good track record.  They work with each client to develop a strategic plan to combat negative sentiment and look at opportunities for improvement and for more information on what we do, please contact JW Maxx Solutions for the best in the field.